House Insurance If You Are Taken Into Hospital Or A Care Home


House Insurance If You Are Taken Into Hospital Or A Care Home


If you are going into hospital or a care home for over 30 days it’s important that you notify your insurance company that your home or flat will be unoccupied for an extended period. This is to ensure that the cover you have remains valid and in place – many Insurers will restrict or remove cover after a certain period.

Not all insurance policies will provide cover for an unoccupied house, however, we can offer you a competitive policy that will suit your requirements and needs, no matter how long the property might be left empty.

It is a standard clause in most policies that someone (family or friend) checks on the property weekly. This is partly for your peace of mind and secondly to make sure everything is working, there are no leaks and post doesn’t build up on the front door mat.
If there has been a claimable loss at the property your family or friend can get the process of a claim started for you and also mitigate any further loss. Even just turning the lights on at different times and different days can give the look that someone is in the property and deter any would be burglar.

Other important things to consider are whether the grass needs to be cut, especially in the summer months. In the winter you should also check whether your policy insists you allow the heating to come on to prevent pipes freezing, or drain the system and turn the water off.

The process to do this is simple and easy. If your home has become or will be empty due to a hospital stay or care home, one of our members of staff will be on hand and happy to assist in providing the correct level of cover that you need.
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