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High Value Insurance

High Net Worth insurance is a specialist home insurance policy which can provide greater levels of cover for your buildings and contents, including high value items such as jewellery, artwork and antiques.  The cover provided under a High Net Worth policy is different to standard house insurance cover as you can extend the cover for your contents and high value items to cover them world-wide away from your home for theft, loss and damage. 

You can also insure your valuables on an ‘agreed value’ basis which is done when you take the policy out and this allows claims to be settled quickly.

Do I Need A High Net Worth Insurance Policy?

A High Net Worth policy would include:

  • Buildings insurance can be covered but it doesn’t have to be.  With a High Net Worth policy, the buildings and contents would usually be insured together under the same policy.
  • Contents insurance including high value items such as antiques and artwork. (Jewellery/Watches is not covered here, there is a specific section under the policy designed to cover these items)
  • Valuables are usually covered world-wide.  The insurance companies we use for High Net Worth policies understand you want the freedom to wear and enjoy your special items without having to worry about the insurance cover you have and allow a higher article limit before an item has to be specified.
  • You can extend the cover provided under this type of policy to include other types of insurance such as travel, holiday/second home (both in the UK and abroad) and even motor insurance.

The Importance of High Net Worth Insurance

If you have a high value property and/or contents you will understand that a standard house insurance policy, such as the ones provided on comparison sites, are unlikely to give you the cover you need.  We use a large panel of UK based insurance companies to cover our High Net Worth policies and this allows us to be able to provide competitive cover for your specific needs. 

When looking to insure your high value items such as jewellery, antiques and artwork we are here to provide access to market leading cover so you can have peace of mind your home and contents have the best cover available.  Our insurers understand the importance of claims being settled quickly and efficiently, they employ specialist claims handlers to provide the best service possible in the unfortunate event of a claim.

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