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Terms & Conditions - Crowthorne Insurance Services Limited


In the event you do not pay your premiums by the due date (including any instalments or future premiums due) then it is understood and agreed as your Agent you give us full permission to cancel your policy immediately and without further notice. 


Crowthorne Insurance Services Limited are independent Brokers who act as your agent, we accept responsibility for the advice given and for arranging your insurance. We use facilities provided by certain insurance companies, Lloyds syndicates and occasionally a specialist/independent intermediary, You will be advised accordingly. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our services include arranging your insurance for Motor, Household, Commercial and Travel in accordance with your requirements and assisting you with any ongoing changes you have to make. 

Any payment we receive from you will be held by us in a Non-Statutory Trust Insurer Premium Bank Account held with Barclays. In some cases, the payment we receive will be held on behalf of the provider with whom we arrange your policy as your agent. This means that any payment you make to us will be regarded as having been paid by the provider. This is known as risk transfer. By operating a Non-Statutory Trust Crowthorne Insurance Services Ltd is permitted to. and may use such monies to cross fund clients premiums and claims. 

Treating Clients Fairly: 

We aim to treat you fairly. We consider carefully the products we offer and we select or design them with our customers in mind. We work hard to make sure you are not misled and that the information we provide is clear and understandable. Our complaints process is fair and accessible and we aim to put things right if we've made a mistake. We want you to be confident and comfortable in your dealings with us. 

Changes For Mid-Term Adjustments, Alterations And Policy Cancellations: 

All policy adjustments, alterations, cancellations and requests for duplicate documents or additional cover notes will incur a minimum administration charge of £20. This is in addition to any other charges imposed by the underwriters. Where a policy adjustment, alteration or cancellation generates a return premium our commission will be withheld. All documents will be despatched by post at the risk of the insured. Please note that in the event of a policy being cancelled, no return premium is due if a claim Is pending. 

Your Right To Cancel: 

All new business and renewal premiums are quoted for on the basis that the policy will run for its full term. You have a right to cancel any insurance you have by giving written notice within 14 days from inception. If you do exercise this right to cancel your insurance, you will be charged by the insurers for the service provided up to the point of cancellation. Crowthorne Insurance Services limited will also make a cancellation charge of £25. You have the right to cancel the policy at any other time during the policy term. insurer's short period rates may apply. We will retain our commission on any return premium and apply a cancellation charge of £25. In the event of a pending claim or incident that will lead to a claim, then the insurers will not refund any premium until the claim is resolved. If you are then found to be at fault then all the premiums may be retained You are advised to seek our advice before deciding to cancel any policy. 

Instalment Charges: 

Any premium being paid in instalments using our own short-term credit arrangements will be subject to a minimum charge of £I0. Full details are available on request N.B. In the event of a claim being made on the policy, any instalments outstanding become immediately due. Any payments or cheques that are not met may result in a £25 charge. For all other instalment schemes, please refer to our office for terms and conditions.

Payment Of Premiums, Fees And Service Charges: 

Failure to pay any premium due will result in us placing the debt with our debt collectors and bailiffs who are Daniels Silverman Ltd, whose charges will be added to your account. 

Data Protection Act: 

Please note that we exchange information with insurers through various databases to help us check information provided and also to prevent fraudulent claims. We should also tell you that all insurers supply details of motor insurance policies to a database. to which the police and ether insurers have access This helps detect people who break the law by not taking out insurance and insurers to pursue claims following accidents. 

To make sure you get our best deal for you we will validate your name and address details with credit and fraud detection agencies who will search public records such as the register of County Court Judgments, the Electoral Register and Bankruptcy records. A record of this search will be visible to other lenders when they carry out future credit checks By continuing you agree to these uses of your information. 

Recorded Telephone Conversations: 

For security and training purposes your call may be recorded and may also be used as proof of the details you have given us to accept your insurance and to process any claim 

Conflict Of Interest: 

Occasions may arise where we or one of our other clients have some form of interest in business being transacted for you. If this happens or we become aware that our interests or those of one of our other clients conflict with your interests, we will write to you and obtain your consent before we carry out your instructions, and detail the steps we will take to ensure fair treatment.

Uninsured Loss And Claims Management Service: 

This cover runs concurrently with the main policy and cannot be cancelled: therefore no refund of premium is possible. 

Completion Of Proposal Forms: 

Before signing any proposal form for a new policy, a change of insurer or renewal of an existing policy or any adjustment to an existing policy, please ensure that all answers given are accurate and complete. This is especially important if the form has not been completed by yourself, or is computer generated. Please read carefully the insurer's declaration on the proposal form. Ensure that you understand it completely and you agree to abide by its terms and conditions before signing. 


It is your responsibility to provide complete and accurate information to insurers when you take out your insurance policy, throughout the life of your policy, and when you renew your insurance. Failure to disclose information pertaining to your insurance or any inaccuracies in information given could result in your insurance being invalid or cover not operating fully. It is important you ensure that all statements you make on proposal forms, claim forms and other documents are full and accurate. If a form is completed on your behalf, you should check that the answers shown to any questions are true and accurate before signing the document. You are reminded that it is an offence under the Road Traffic Act to make any false statements or withhold any relevant information to obtain an Insurance Certificate. You are advised to keep copies of any correspondence you send to us or direct to your insurer. If you are in any doubt as to whether any information is material, you should disclose it. If you have policies with different branches of Crowthorne Insurance, you should advise each branch separately. 

Disclosure For Commercial Clients: 

You must tell us all material facts as soon as possible. A material fact is something that may affect an insurer's decision to Issue a policy or to continue cover If you are unsure whether a facts material, please tell us anyway. For vehicles, you must tell us all material facts relating to anyone who is to drive the vehicle, all losses whether claimed or not, If you are unsure about what you need to disclose please contact us. We cannot maintain a permanent record of all material facts disclosed to us and it is your responsibility to:

  • re-disclose all material facts when asked
  • ensure that all statements to insurers, whether in the proposal (application) form or elsewhere are correct.
  • ensure the accuracy of information supplied

If you have policies with different branches of Crowthorne Insurance. you should advise each branch separately of any changes. 

Inaccurate or undisclosed information may invalidate your insurance cover We do not accept liability for any errors or omissions, where a member of staff has completed, or assisted in completing. the proposal form, a copy of which is available on request. 

Claims Procedure: 

In the unfortunate event that you have to make a motoring insurance claim, you should contact Crowthorne Claims on 0345 194 9232. For other claims, you should call the insurers helpline or this office for advice.

Policy Documents, Certificates Of Insurance And Policy Schedules:

On receipt of any of the above please read and check carefully every document. If any of the details are incorrect or not suitable for your needs please let us know immediately. Failure to do this could mean that your cover is insufficient or incomplete and a claim will not be successfully met. 


It is our intention to provide you with a high level of customer service at all times. However, if you feel you have cause to be unhappy in any way with your insurance cover, please contact our Paul Norris in writing. We will acknowledge any complaint within 5 business days and tell you the name of the person dealing with it. We will also advise when we would hope to respond if we cannot resolve the matter immediately. If we are not able to resolve the matter immediately we will provide you with a written response within 4 weeks and issue a final decision within 8 weeks of receipt of the complaint unless the matter is sufficiently complicated to warrant longer investigation or if it requires review of information from a third party, in which case you will be advised. If you are unhappy with the outcome following internal investigation and referral to your insurer you may refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Financial Ombudsman Service, 
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