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Household Insurance

At Crowthorne Insurance Services we offer several types of tailored household insurance policies to suit all types of property. Regardless of the size and value of your property, whether it is your family home or a rental investment, we have you covered. Our cover, available at a level to suit your needs, safeguards your property against any risk from fire, theft, damage and other hazards. A household insurance policy can cover the fabric of the building itself – buildings insurance, movable possessions, furniture and assets within a property – contents insurance, or a combination of the two.

Premiums will depend on the age of your property, length of ownership, value of the property and the security measures you have in place, including things such as locks and alarms, etc. For contents insurance, your quote will also take into account the total value of your belongings or assets in the property.

Our standard household policies can insure you against:

  • Financial loss from theft, loss of goods and damage (whether malicious or accidental)
  • Fire, leaks, floods, storms and lightning strikes
  • Personal possessions such as jewellery, watches, clothes, money and mobile phones

Policies can be tailored to cover expenses such as legal fees, replacement costs, tradesman fees (such as locksmiths and window fitters) and emergency accommodation should you have to move out of your property for whatever reason.

In addition to standard homes, we can also help you choose a specialist policy for several types of ‘non-standard’ property, some of which have their own unique risks and insurance needs.

Unoccupied Properties

Most unoccupied policies restrict cover but we are able to provide full perks cover.

Unoccupied properties have a heightened risk of break-ins and theft, as well as an aggravated risk of damage from leaks, rising damp or electrical faults – in fact, the damage may be greater because faults are not picked up as quickly. An unoccupied property also has hazards that an occupied property does not, such as the risk of occupation by squatters and infestation by animals. With a standard household policy, you may face excessive premiums for an unoccupied property. Either that or limited cover and/or high excess charges. A specialist unoccupied property policy takes into account unique risks and hazards, giving you reasonable premiums and a level of cover tailored to your needs.

Non-Standard House Insurance

A non-standard home includes a non-standard construction/property being worked upon, or a property with flood or subsidence issues. These types of property are frequently not covered adequately by standard household policies. We make sure that all features and parts of the property are covered, so you get the same peace of mind and financial protection if something goes wrong.

High-Value Home

As household policies are frequently calculated based on the value of the property, high-value homes are expensive to insure. Unfortunately, high-value properties can also be a disproportionate target for thieves, making them an increased risk in the eye of insurance underwriters. Our specialist high-value home policies give you access to full insurance cover at reasonable premiums, taking into account such factors as security precautions, property location and the value of movable possessions. Don’t pay more than you have to to insure your home – get in touch with one of our advisers today for an equitable insurance quote on a high-value property.

Holiday & Second Homes

A holiday home policy can cover a property in the UK or abroad, whether it is used all year as part of a holiday letting business, or is only used occasionally, with periods of unoccupancy. Our policies can cover you against accidental damage, fire, theft etc – as well as specific risks to holiday homes. Types of holiday property include homes, villas, cottages, mobile homes/static caravans and chalets.

We can also arrange affordable cover for a second home in the UK that is used regularly by yourself, friends or guests but is not your principal residence. A flexible range of policies can be tailored to how you use your property, whether it is an occasional visit, a retreat for friends, a work location or a regular weekend home.

Policies are available to cover the fabric of the building and/or building contents.

Let Property

We provide affordable landlords insurance policies for let properties with tenants in residence. These policies can be tailored to include expenses such as repairs due to fire, leaks and flood damage. The policy also provides cover for property owners’ liability, which includes cover for negligence claims made by the tenant. A let property policy may also cover building contents that belong to you, such as furniture and appliances in homes let as furnished properties.

A policy can also safeguard you against financial loss arising from disputes with your tenants, including legal fees if you need to recover lost rent, compensation claims if a tenant is injured, and loss of rental income if your property is severely damaged.

Affordable Household Insurance From Crowthorne Insurance Services 

To ensure you get the right level of household insurance for your property, have a chat with one of our team about your circumstances. We want to make sure you get all the insurance you need at an affordable monthly premium, without paying more than you have to, and without the risk of being caught short when you need to make a claim.

To speak with one of our advisers or request a bespoke quote, get in touch today by phone on 01344 771626. Our specialist insurance advisers are fully independent, meaning we are able to select the most appropriate products from the best insurers in the country to make a bespoke policy tailored to your needs.

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