How Can I Fix Subsidence?

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Subsidence – 4 Important Signs To Look For

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Does Home Insurance Cover Subsidence?

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Signs Of Subsidence: What To Look Out For

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What Is Subsidence and Landslip Cover?

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I’ve bought a house with subsidence now what

Does Subsidence Affect House Insurance?

  If you're thinking about house insurance subsidence has to be a consideration. Making sure you're properly covered to help deal with it, as well as understanding the effects on... Read More

Help! My House Is Subsiding

If you've just discovered that your house is subsiding, then you probably have a lot on your mind. It can have a substantial financial impact on your property, and could... Read More
Subsidence caused by Trees

Subsidence Caused By Trees

What Causes Subsidence? Although contraction, movement or erosion of the soil below a property is the main cause of subsidence, there are many reasons why one property could be more... Read More
Locked Doors To House

Protect Your Unoccupied Second Home During Lockdown

Many second homes across the country are going unoccupied for long periods of time due to the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions against non-essential travel, local lockdowns, and bans on gatherings all... Read More
Top Tips On How To Protect Your Vacant Home

Top Tips On How To Protect Your Vacant Home

Whether it's a short holiday or a long-term relocation, leaving your property unoccupied is an unsettling experience. An empty property can be an easy target for criminals of all kinds.... Read More
Do I Need Landlord Insurance For A Flat?

Do I Need Landlord Insurance For A Flat?

The rental sector is a huge part of the UK economy and one that is growing each year. Out of 23.5 million UK households, it is thought that around one-third... Read More
Will Building Insurance Cover Subsidence

Will Building Insurance Cover Subsidence?

Subsidence is a common fear amongst homeowners and it's true that it can cause significant problems and require professional assistance. Subsidence occurs when the earth that the property is built... Read More
Do You Have To Buy Flood Insurance

Do You Have To Buy Flood Insurance?

Climate change, new-build properties located on flood plains, alterations to run-off patterns and various features of the build environment combined mean that flooding is now more of a risk to... Read More
3 Ways You Can Protect Your House From Subsidence

3 Ways You Can Protect Your House From Subsidence

House insurance for subsidence properties does exist, and we offer competitive rates at Crowthorne Insurance, but no homeowner wants to be in the position of actually needing house insurance subsidence... Read More
Protect Yourself Against Motorcycle Theft

Protect Yourself Against Motorcycle Theft

The high incidence of crime carried out by motorbike-riding criminals in the UK has been a prominent fixture in the national news for some time now. This type of vehicle... Read More
What To Do If Your House Is Subsiding

What To Do If Your House Is Subsiding

The ground beneath your feet changes constantly, almost like it's breathing. Usually, we don't notice these subtle daily changes as soil shifts ever so slightly, but your house might be... Read More
10 Ways To Reduce Your Home Insurance

10 Ways To Reduce Your Home Insurance

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Why do you need home insurance

Why Do You Need Home Insurance?

If you are in the process of buying your own home, then this is an exciting time! Of course, a house that you own is also a major investment that... Read More
Why use an insurance broker

Why Use An Insurance Broker?

Buying insurance can sometimes feel like a chore. It can seem easier and quicker just to let the internet sort it for you - especially when it identifies the “cheapest”... Read More
Stay Covered With Cruise Travel Insurance

Stay Covered With Cruise Travel Insurance

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How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Small Business

How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Small Business?

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How to get car insurance after a conviction

How To Get Car Insurance After A Conviction

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