Insurance For Motor Traders With Criminal Convictions


Motor Traders With Criminal Convictions


All Insurance Companies require you to disclose any criminal conviction that is not spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Failure to disclose this can invalidate your Insurance Policy.

Many Insurers will refuse to quote when a Criminal Conviction is disclosed which results in many Motor Traders struggling to find the cover they need. Also, drivers with motoring convictions and driving bans find themselves with the same problems.
If you are able to obtain a quotation it may have many restrictions and a very high premium.

The answer to this is to contact an Insurance Broker who specialises in Motor trade insurance and can expertly assess each risk individually. No two risks are the same and mitigating circumstances need to be considered.

Please call Crowthorne Insurance Services Ltd on 01271 349790 for a quotation. Our sales team will be able to look at your situation and find out how to get you covered.

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