Crowthorne Insurance: What Not To Do Immediately After A Car Accident


What Not To Do Immediately After A Car Accident


As anyone that has been in a car accident can attest, the experience is often stressful and very upsetting. Indeed, it is all too easy to panic and act on impulse – but instincts may compromise your ability to make claims for any damages.

If you experience a car accident and are wondering what to do, particularly if you’re thinking “it’s not my fault!”, there are a few small steps you can take to protect yourself from financial losses and potentially lengthy legal battles. Here are some tips regarding what not to do after a car accident:

1. Do Not Leave The Scene

The number one rule regarding what to do in a car accident is to stay on the scene. If your collision is fairly minor and no-one appears to be injured, it may be tempting to drive away and deal with the legal issues later. Unfortunately, this could put you on the wrong side of the law.

Do not forget to collect contact details of any witnesses and take photos of the accident scene including the road layout, both vehicles, the damage caused and, if possible, a picture showing how many people were in the other vehicle.

As soon as the accident occurs, it is important that you safely get out of your vehicle, double check that the other driver involved is unharmed, swap insurance information and report the accident to your Insurer or Broker.

2. Do Not Get Angry

Whilst car accidents can be highly distressing, staying calm is very important if you want to deal with the aftermath effectively. Do not start by directing blame towards the other driver, as they are likely to be in as much shock and distress as you. Anger and pointing fingers will not make the situation any better. Being polite, considered and empathetic will put you in good stead to examine the situation in a calm and collected manner. Do not admit any liability to the other driver

3. In A Serious Accident, Contact The Police

If either party is seriously injured or the accident has caused significant public disruption, such as road blocking, call the police. A police report can also be useful for your Insurers.

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