What Is VIN Number Insurance & When Would You Need It?



Until your vehicle is registered with the DVLA, most insurers won’t provide cover. You need to be registered to insure your car, but you can’t register an uninsured vehicle. So, you can be stuck in a loop.

When Might You Need To Register A New Car With The DVLA?

It’s your responsibility to tell the DVLA if you’ve built or imported a car. These are vehicles that won’t already be on DVLA records.

At this point, the DVLA may choose to carry out an inspection. They may want to check that the car you’re registering is exactly as you’ve described it.

When you’re buying a new or used car, it’s usually already registered. The DVLA will only need to transfer the car to your name. When you’ve brought the car from another country or built it yourself, it won’t be on existing records.

What Is VIN Number Insurance & When Would You Need It?

Also known as Chassis Number Insurance, VIN Insurance can be used to temporarily cover a car. This provides the necessary insurance to register your car properly, so that you can then apply for permanent car insurance.

If you’ve imported a vehicle or built one, it won’t be DVLA registered. You can buy temporary VIN Insurance to cover the car through the registration process.

Temporary insurance provides cover subject to the terms of the Policy until you’ve filled in the relevant DVLA forms and formally registered your vehicle. You can then buy standard car insurance.

Until you’ve registered with the DVLA and received V5 documents, which can take up to 1 month, you cannot get number plates for your car.

How Can You Get VIN Insurance?

Vehicle Identification Number insurance is not commonly offered. You’ll need to find specialist car insurance companies that insure with VIN number.

Specialist companies will accept your vehicle’s unique chassis number, whether you’re importing a car from outside the UK or are moving to the country from abroad. They’ll also provide VIN insurance for brand new cars, perhaps built by you as component cars.

What If I Need A Vehicle Inspection?

If your DVLA registration process includes a vehicle inspection, then you’ll be required to drive to this. Your Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) inspection will ensure that your car is roadworthy.

VIN insurance will cover you to drive to an approved IVA centre.

Can I Use VIN Number Insurance For Everyday Driving?

Temporary chassis number insurance is not for everyday use. You can’t use it to drive your vehicle around. Whilst insured temporarily, the car can only be driven to inspections whilst awaiting full registration.

Make sure that you apply for VIN Number Insurance before starting your DVLA registration forms, so that you know you’re covered in time.
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