What Properties Can I Get Non-Standard Home Insurance Quotes For?


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If you happen to have a new-build or standard home, you likely won’t have come across the concept of non-standard home insurance before. But if your property doesn’t fall into these specific brackets, this type of insurance can provide you with the coverage you need in the event of an accident, damage, or any other form of an insurable incident relating to your home.

Read on to find out more about what, exactly, non-standard home insurance means, whether it applies to you, and how your insurance needs can differ depending on your property.

What Is A Non-Standard Home?

As the name suggests, a non-standard home is a house that doesn’t fit into a specific set of requirements defined by an insurer. While standard homes are generally made of readily available materials and have similar features and constructions, a non-standard home is something that’s outside of the ordinary. A house with a steel or timber frame, for example, is a non-standard home. Listed homes are also considered non-standard because of the way they are built or their overall value. As such, it’s a specialist insurance agency that handles your insurance, because your home doesn’t fit into the ‘norm’.

Why Would I Need Non-Standard Home Insurance?

Standard home insurance usually covers a set rate of costs. Insurers know what typical slate and tile roofs cost to replace, for example, or the price needed to replace brick or stone properties. By contrast, non-standard homes are case-by-case. No two are exactly alike, and as such, it makes sense to have specialist insurance services to cover your home. After all, you wouldn’t cover a lorry with car insurance – they’re both modes of transport, but each one has different requirements. Non-standard home insurance aims to include the specifics of that home, down to the exact materials, construction methods, and value of that one property.

Is Non-Standard Home Insurance More Expensive?

You will likely find that non-standard home insurance quotes are higher than they would be for a new or more generic property, but that’s for a good reason. Specialist insurers that are experienced in managing insurance for non-standard homes want to ensure you meet the current standards of your home should a fire, theft, flood, or anything else occur, which your home may be at a higher risk of thanks to the materials used to build it. Particularly for listed buildings, the building work needed to fix and replace areas of the house are far more costly, thanks to the techniques and materials used and the potential fragility of the property itself. So, while non-standard home insurance may be more expensive, it’s more than worth it for peace of mind.

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