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Non-Standard Homes Insurance

If your property has been refused a standard insurance policy we are able to help. Our specialist team are experienced in insuring homes deemed as non-standard construction. We understand some properties are not constructed with brick walls and tiled roofs. 

Our specialist home insurance team understand that properties of non-standard construction and properties deemed as higher risk require an individually tailored approach to ensure you have adequate cover at a competitive price. We are able to quote if you have had previous claims, criminal convictions or have suffered bankruptcy.

Can you cover homes with current or historical subsidence?

Has your property previously been underpinned or is there a history of movement in your property? 
If your property has been refused a standard policy due to a history of subsidence, our specialist team will tailor a quotation for you based on your individual circumstances. If you have suffered a subsidence claim previously you may feel tied to your existing insurer and feel you won’t find suitable or competitive cover elsewhere. If you're thinking of buying a property with a history of subsidence there is a distinct possibility you won't find cover at all, that is where our knowledge and expertise comes in.

Can you cover high flood risk?

Statistically around 1 in 6 properties across Britain are now estimated to be at risk of flooding. We understand that this is having an effect on rising insurance premiums and the difficulty of getting affordable cover. If your property is deemed to be at risk of flooding, or has previously been flooded we are able to tailor a policy to your particular set of circumstances. If you have suffered flooding at your home, live somewhere in close proximity to a river or watercourse, will can meet your requirements and provide you with a competitive quote.  

Can you cover listed buildings?

If your home is a listed building, our experienced team will discuss your requirements and provide a comprehensive, competitive quote. We are experienced in insuring listed buildings, including properties constructed using non-standard methods and/or materials such as prefabricated, timber frame and wattle and daub.

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