Why Might You Need A Temporary Chassis Number Insurance?


Why Might You Need A Temporary Chassis Number Insurance


What Does The Chassis/VIN Number Look Like?

If you’ve never driven an import car, or constructed your own car from a kit, chances are you won’t ever have had cause to take a look at your chassis number. The chassis number is a long row of numbers and letters which is unique to your vehicle. Every vehicle which is manufactured in the world is given a chassis number, details of which are held internationally. This enables every car to be traced, reducing the risk of theft and fraud as well as providing a number of other benefits. If you want to find the chassis number of your vehicle, it’s usually located on the driver’s side door and/or on the dashboard, right at the front near the windscreen.

Why Might I Need Temporary Chassis Number Insurance Rather Than Standard Insurance?

In order to drive on UK roads, all vehicles require insurance. Unfortunately, the DVLA won’t register a vehicle without insurance; and standard motor insurance is usually only available to vehicles which are registered in the UK with the DVLA. This causes a Catch-22 situation for people seeking to drive a non-UK registered vehicle in the UK. In these circumstances, chassis car insurance can be the perfect solution. Chassis insurance is a form of specialist insurance which is provided on the basis of the chassis number.

What Does Chassis Number Insurance Enable Me To Do?

Before a vehicle can be registered in the UK, it needs to have an IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) check. This is a mandated check on the design of the vehicle: vehicles need to pass this test before they can be registered by the DVLA. Whilst drivers can’t take out standard car insurance chassis number insurance will enable them to drive the vehicle to the IVA test. If the vehicle passes, it can then be registered by the DVLA and the owner/driver can obtain insurance in the usual way.

Contact Specialist Insurers/Brokers For The Best Coverage

Chassis insurance is a specialist form of insurance which is largely confined to imported cars or cars which have been constructed on a piece-by-piece basis in the UK. If you think that you require this type of insurance, it’s normally best to use a broker that’s familiar with niche car insurance requirements and who understands what’s necessary in order to provide the cover you need. Get in touch to benefit from a competitive chassis insurance quote.


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