4 Little-Known Ways You Could Void Your Car Insurance


Little-Known Ways You Could Void Your Car Insurance


Having to make a car insurance claim can be an unwanted headache, but the reason that we have car insurance is to provide us with cover in the event of scenarios such as an accident or theft – so it is important that we exercise our right to that cover. But what can turn an inconvenience into a nightmare is your cover being voided, leaving you unable to claim on your insurance.

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So what can void car insurance? In this blog, we will outline some errors to watch out for when it comes to potentially voiding your car insurance:

Not Keeping In Touch With The Insurance Provider

You might not speak to your insurance provider as much as you speak to your friends and family, but what keeping in touch means is to notify them of changes within the policy term. It could be a new job which requires you to travel more each day, or a new address which changes your policy. Get to know your policy booklet, and ensure your insurance provider is kept abreast of any changes.

Underestimating Yearly Mileage

We might be tempted to err on the side of caution when completing an insurance application, but this can come back to bite us. Estimating your yearly mileage requires careful calculation – how much do you typically travel per day? Per month? And per year? Not only could declaring a lower mileage falsely lead to increased premiums, but it could also possibly void your car insurance.

Car Modifications

When applying for car insurance you are required to notify your insurer of any modifications to your vehicle. This goes for modifications which were pre-existing, and those which you make during your policy term. So, what modifications void car insurance? They can be changes to the exhaust system and engine, including turbos and supercharger, but also changes to the wheels and bodywork. As a rule of thumb, declare any changes which have affected the performance or appearance of the vehicle.

Not Having The Right Class Of Use

Not having the right class of use could mean that you are not covered for certain car journeys such as driving to and from work. For example, ‘social use’ does not cover you for driving to work, and if you are driving your car to a train car park to commute by train, this still requires ‘commuting use’.

Those are just a few potential banana skins to mention for car insurance void advice. Crowthorne Insurance offers motor insurance on a number of vehicles, from cars to motorcycles to commercial vehicles. Call us today on 01344 771626 for a quote.

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