3 Ways You Can Protect Your House From Subsidence


3 Ways You Can Protect Your House From Subsidence


House insurance for subsidence properties does exist, and we offer competitive rates at Crowthorne Insurance, but no homeowner wants to be in the position of actually needing house insurance subsidence cover. So, what can you do to make sure that subsidence doesn’t become an issue for your property? Here are three key things.

Be Careful Of Trees & Shrubs

Trees, shrubs, and other bushes can be a nightmare for those trying to avoid subsidence. You may not see it, but roots can take hold and grow through the foundations of your property, causing it to become structurally compromised and allowing subsidence to develop. The same is true for soil erosion.

To avoid this, you shouldn’t plant trees or shrubs too close to your property. If there are trees or shrubs within several feet of the foundations, it would be wise to try and get them removed. If you can’t have them removed, consult with a specialist to see if there’s a way to prevent the ingress of roots.

Drainage Maintenance

Drainage issues can be a major cause of subsidence. When drains crack and become unreliable, they allow a great deal of moisture into the ground under and around your property. This, of course, makes it much softer and means that the property is going to be more prone to sinking.

You can avoid this by making sure your drains are maintained on a regular basis. A thorough annual inspection, especially after unusually cold winters or periods of heavy weather, combined with periodic maintenance can help prevent your drains from becoming an issue that leads to subsidence.

Being Vigilant

One of the most common causes of subsidence is lack of vigilance. Serious subsidence issues almost never simply appear out of nowhere. In most cases, there have been obvious signs that have been consistently missed and ignored, until the problem becomes irreparable.

Check your property on a monthly basis, at least, and be sure to check for any cracking in brickwork or plastering around the home. This can be caused by the shifting pressures of subsidence. Catching the problem as early as possible means putting it right is that much easier.

Getting In Touch

These three simple tips can help protect your property from subsidence. For specialist home insurance subsidence advice, you can always contact our friendly, experienced team at Crowthorne Insurance.

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