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Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars fall into a category of their own when it comes to insurance. For insurance purposes, a classic car is any vehicle over 20 years old. This covers an extremely broad range of cars. Some classics are valuable, rare and difficult to maintain, while others are simply old and well-loved. All seem to be treated with the same broad brush approach by many insurers, with owners having to pay high premiums and/or accept reduced cover compared to more modern vehicles. The justification for this is the supposedly increased tendency for classic cars to break down, a lack of availability of parts, and the increased risk of classic cars to theft. Some models of classic car may also pose a greater risk of injury to their occupants when involved in an accident, compared to more modern cars.

While some classic cars invariably face these risks, we also recognise that careful drivers are at no greater hazard on the road in a classic than drivers of other cars, while effective alarms and security measures can provide a good deterrent to thieves in any vehicle. We, therefore, offer a range of affordable, specialist classic car policies drawn from some of the best insurance products in the country.

Each policy can be tailored to your needs, taking into account the age of your vehicle, your driving experience and the type of car. Lower premiums are available for classic cars that are stored in locked garages or have low mileage. Each policy comes with a 24-hour claims hotline.

Policies can offer the same level of cover as standard private car insurance policies, including:

  • Third party only cover
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Breakdown and recovery insurance
  • Fully comprehensive insurance

In addition, our classic car policies come with optional extras, which can be added to your policy for a small additional premium, including:

  • Agreed value policy
  • Enhanced breakdown cover, including roadside assistance throughout the UK and Europe
  • Enhanced personal accident cover for you or a named driver on the policy
  • Motorsport cover – for drivers that take part in classic car rallies

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