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Let Properties Insurance

What is Property Owners Insurance?

Property owner’s insurance, also known as let or landlord’s insurance, caters for residential properties such as private dwellings or blocks of flats and commercial properties such as shops, offices and industrial premises. All types of occupancy can be considered such as unoccupied, non-standard, and mixed-use buildings. Property Owners insurance is suitable for single and multi-location portfolios. Residential Property Owners Insurance can provide cover for tenants that are full time employed, students, or on income benefits.


What Can be Included in a Property Owners Policy?

Covers available include:

  • Buildings Insurance including accidental damage and subsidence

  • Landlords Contents

  • Public & Property Owners Liability

  • Loss of Rental Income

  • Employers Liability

  • Terrorism Cover

  • Legal Expenses

Do I need Property Owners Insurance?

Although it is not a legal requirement to have Property Owners Insurance, it does provide useful cover against everyday occurrences. If you are taking out a buy-to-let mortgage, many mortgage lenders will require you to have this insurance.


The Benefits of Property Owners Insurance

By insuring your properties all under one policy, you will only get one renewal date, policy reference, one premium and one insurer to deal with. The policy can be altered at any time and additional properties added when required. Additional cover can be added for extras such as loss of rental income, this cover protects you against an insured peril occurring such as a fire or flood and your tenant having to move out, this can be covered up to 36 months. Some insurers will also offer cover for theft or malicious damage by tenants.

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