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Unoccupied Properties Insurance

Our Unoccupied Home Insurance policy offers all the features you require. Our specialist, friendly staff have a high degree of knowledge and experience in this field. We tailor our policies to meet your specific needs. Each risk will be individually calculated to offer you the best quotation for a specialist policy at very competitive rates.

What is unoccupied Home Insurance?

Unoccupied Home Insurance is a bespoke policy to cover your property. Standard insurance policies will not normally cover properties that have been left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days. An unoccupied house is considered high risk as an empty home is regarded as vulnerable. There is an increased risk of damage due to vandalism, water damage due to burst pipes and other maintenance related concerns which can escalate quickly if unchecked.

Do I need unoccupied home insurance?

Properties can be unoccupied for a number or reasons including probate, awaiting a sale, renovations and health care, that is where we can help.

Unoccupied Home Insurance Tiers

We are able to provide short term and annual unoccupied home insurance policies. Our policies have tiers to suit the varying needs of our customers. We off 3 options to provide you with flexibility:

  • Fire, Lightning, Earthquake and Explosion cover only
  • Cover excluding Escape of Water 
  • Full cover which covers a range of perils including Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Escape of Water, Theft and Attempted Theft

The importance of unoccupied home insurance

If your property is soon to be unoccupied, or already is, your standard insurance may not cover you. As there’s no one at your property it makes it more susceptible to criminal damage, break ins and squatters. 

The property should have the following preventative measures:

  • External Doors: Mortice Deadlock or Multi-Point Locking System 
  • Patio Sliding Doors: In addition to a central locking device, the doors should have key operated bolts at the top and bottom of the opening sections 
  • Windows: Key operated security locks on all windows

It is a condition of this insurance that the property must be inspected by you or your appointed representative internally and externally at least once every 7 days and a written record kept of all inspections. 

The reason for this is the visible areas of the property must be maintained so that is does not appear to be empty. The main reason for the regular inspection is that crime gets reported and any issues such as water leaks or storm damage can be treated in a timely manner to avoid further damage.


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