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Public And Employers Liability Insurance

Public liability and employers liability insurance are the two most crucial commercial policies for the majority of businesses. At Crowthorne Insurance Services we liaise with the country’s leading insurance providers to find you the best value product suited to your business. 

Why Choose Public or Employers Liability Insurance?

Every business has different risks they need to guard against, so we take a tailored approach to public and employers liability. Having the right cover in place will protect you if a client, employee or member of the public experiences personal injury or damage to property arising from your business. This can be as simple, and as common, as a customer slipping and injuring themselves while on your premises, to an accident caused by a faulty product, to a legal claim for financial loss caused by a missed delivery.

The policy will pay for any legal expenses, as well as compensation claims. For businesses that physically interact on a regular basis with customers, or those that employ two or more people, it is essential to have adequate public and employers liability cover in place.

Public Liability Insurance Policy Features

A typical public liability policy will cover you against:

  • Injury compensation claims by a third party (or their estate in the case of accidental death)
  • Replacement and repair, or compensation costs in the case of damaged property
  • Medical expenses
  • Legal expenses

Employers Liability Insurance Policy Features

Employers liability insurance protects both employer and staff against the following expenses:

  • Injury or illness claims resulting from an employee’s work (e.g. slippages at work, exposure to asbestos)
  • Medical expenses

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