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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance provides invaluable cover in case a customer alleges you have provided an inadequate or negligent service. Legal claims can arise if a customer considers the advice, service or designs you have provided have caused them injury or financial loss, or that they fall short of what you had promised them.

A wide range of professional services businesses and consultants may need professional indemnity cover. This includes private health professionals, architects, solicitors, accountants and independent financial advisers (IFA).

A policy will cover your legal fees and expenses while defending the claim, and any compensation payable to your customer resulting from your mistakes.

When You Might Need Professional Indemnity Insurance

In most cases, professional indemnity insurance is there for peace of mind only, but some scenarios in which it may be necessary include:

  • Breaches of data security
  • Accidental loss of important documents or personal data
  • Loss of a customer’s property or money while in your care
  • Personal misconduct claims
  • Breach of contract, copyright, or a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Libel claims or defamation of character
  • Professional negligence (for example, medical misdiagnosis, or a mistake made in an architectural drawing)

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